High Barrows


High in the mountains around San-Terack lie the High Barrows. These tombs were ancient in the time of Riothamus, built for kings long lost to time. A fell air hangs around the place, thick and humid despite the wind and the altitude, and the forbidding peak of the great mountain looms overhead. Nothing lives in the stream that trickles forth from a spring just below the Barrows, and it stains the land around it a sickly white.

The High Barrows are accessible by a worn path winding up from the town of Baj. Along the route there are a series of shrines, and travelers must stop at each to purify themselves before proceeding farther into the mountains.

The Barrows themselves overlook the Lichlands, the site of the ancient battle between Riothamus and the fiend lord Lithim, now dead and haunted.

High Barrows

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